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According to Barg Institute Public Relations, Misaencene  Theater School has officially started working on 17.Jan.2017. The first camp of Misaencene  Theatre School will start running with the presence of 15 students who were selected through an intensive workshop prior to the camp. During the first two weeks of this camp the students will be orientated with the general attitudes of Misaencene  School. Theater School lectures include of:

- Performance Art by Golrokh Nafisi, Performance Art Graduate and Artist
-Documentary Theatre by Mahin Sadry, Documentary Theatre Artist and Practitioner
-Object Theatre by Keivan Sarreshteh, Object Theatre Artist and Practitioner
-Physical Theatre by Saeed Behnam, Physical Theatre Graduate (France) and Artist
-Digital Theatre by Laili Galedaaraan, Digital Theatre Graduate (Rome University)

In addition to the mentioned lectures, during the first camp the students will attend other courses with the instructors such as Farhad Mohandespoor, Mohammad Abbasi, Hasmic Kareptian, Setareh Fatehi, Saba Kasmayi, Aydin Olfat, Mohammad Reza Ali Akbari, Shayan Derakhshan, Soheila Alizadeh, Ali Gholipoor, Saeed Behnam, and Ali Asghar Dashti. Further to these courses, the students will benefit from an international workshop exploring the theme of “Body”.

Ali Asghar Dashti, Misaencene  Theatre School Manager, will lead the students during the first school camp as the head teacher. However, the students will also have an individual adviser each term.

Misaencene Theatre School as the first theatre centre for educating contemporary approaches to theatre and performance is established based on 13-month camps. The date of the second camp will be announced soon.